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Mr. Batchelor with over 60 years of experience from Field Engineer thru V.P. Executive Director and many other titles which he has held throughout the years.  History of managing large high-profile projects which it has reached in Billions of USD to successful completion and turnover within budget and ahead of schedule with superior quality and customer satisfaction.  Focused on striving to produce a high-quality product adhering to budget and scheduling demands.

Managed all aspects of construction of a Downtown Sarasota Hotel and Offsite/Civil Work.   Responsible to oversee field operations and supervise all activities related to pre-construction, scheduling, change orders, submittals, procurement, budget and delivery.  Worked with ownership and representatives to construct in a timely order and within the constraints of a budget and providing the expected quality.  Responsible for permits, City liason and manage consultants.

Managed all field operations and personal/general requirements to construct multiple high quality projects with customer satisfactionResponsibilities included project development thru construction into turnover and all pinch out list requirements.

Santa Maria              Miami, FL                             54 Floors

Eric Hotel                   Miami, FL                            55 Floors

Porto Vita N              Aventura, FL                      35 Floors

Porte Vita S              Aventura, FL                      32 Floors  

Grovenor House     Cocoanut Grove, FL        34 Floors

Saxony Hotel            Miami Bch, FL                    10 Floors  



Mr. Farazad has over 30 years of Business Management, Marketing and Technology experience in the areas of Aviation, Domestic & International Security, Managed Security, Special Operations, Construction Security, Biometrics, Armored Products, Identity Theft & ISX (Internet Service Exchange). He is also fast becoming one of the leading experts in the Green & Renewable Energy sector. Mr. Farazad said “Through our 

Ventures in the Green Cement which fast becoming alternative to Portland cement. Portland cement is world’s number one cause & effect on Greenhouse emissions, such Life Altering Products will have an unbelievable Environmental Impacts on World’s CO2 caused & effects on Building Materials & in how businesses and Constructions will take place going forward. We are heavily investing in finding sources for flyash worldwide. As our Headquarter Offices has been established in Beirut Lebanon, with expansion to Abu Dhabi, UAE and the rest of Middle East & Africa we will serve Nations with our products.  On November 12th 2011 Mr. Farazad successfully won the top Ten Award for The Best New Products for Raw Building Materials in the World for his Green Cement under CERATECH.MENA, at the Big 5 under (THE BIG 5 GAIA AWARDS) in Dubai, UAE

In recognition of his technological achievements in this field, Mr. Farazad has received several awards. Mr. Farazad 25 years of experience in Business Development, Technical Business Development, Sales Management and utilization of CCNP, MCSE is an outstanding asset to any business. Mr. Farazad’s capabilities have significantly contributed to the development of CERATECH.MENA Green Cement Technologies, Comdex Enterprises, i.e., Comdex, Inc., Comdex Global Integrations Security and the efficiency, organization, growth and profitability of these companies will be the cornerstone of the future growth of Green Cement Industry.

Mr. Farazad served for 8 years as a member of the Board of Directors of Georgetown Hospital Department of Pediatrics, which is co-chaired by Mrs. Tipper Gore wife of former Vice President Al Gore, and the Presidential Nominee in 2000 for Democrats. In addition, Mr. Farazad is also an assist in the Arab American Chamber of Commerce to help American Industries to accomplish their goals in the Middle East and he was a member of the government committee roundtable for internet and telecom security act. This committee was chaired by Congressman Tom Davis, of District of Reston, Virginia and Congressman Billy Toesan of Louisiana with honorary chairman Bill Gates, of Microsoft.  Mr. Farazad has been a long standing resident of the State of Northern Virginia for more than 20 years.