What if

we made history?

NU Green Cement Technologies, a true industrial adventure, is above all a human story. It is the story of the crossed destinies of two men with complementary skills who share the same ambition: to take part in the environmental transition of the construction sector by offering high-performance low-carbon cements 0% clinker that are a complete break with existing technologies, and to help the construction 

Bringing together numerous partners, the multi-talented team is looking for a site that can accommodate the new industrial concept: a 4.0 production site that respects the environment and the circular economy principles. The site was set up in just 18 months and inaugurated on 22 November 2018, bringing together 500 people in the presence of local, regional and national elected representatives.

The public authorities, aware of the importance of this innovation, support NU Green Cement Technologies with our Partners we are making these technologies to reality. NU Green we were awarded this Joint Venture to accomplish one of the most important tasks which is to introduce these innovations to United States of America. After an initial eligibility obtained in May of 2022 via the French General Investment Commission (CGI), its application was validated in June of 2022.