H-IONA, is the most decarbonised American cement available to all by NU GREEN Cement Technologies

Composition of H-IONA cement

H-IONA cement is manufactured mainly from industrial by-products, in particular from steelworks slag, in order to preserve natural resources. This steelworks slag is recycled by being ground very finely and then cold activated using NU technologies.

“With the smallest carbon footprint on the market, H-IONA is the first available low carbon cement on the American market.”

  • No modification of the concrete manufacturing process.
  • Concrete complying with the NF EN 206/ CN standard.
  • Suitable for all construction applications.

Characteristics of H-IONA cement

H-IONA cement meets strict performance criteria. It is a white cement SSC 32.5 which is suitable for all types of work.

H-IONA has been developed to respond immediately to current environmental challenges, while preserving our natural resources and drastically reducing CO2 emissions in the construction industry. Its carbon footprint is divided by 6 compared to a traditional CEM I cement.

Delivered in 25 Kg bags or in bulk.