H-P2A, geopolymer adhesive cement

H-P2A (High Performance Alkaline Activation) is an innovative geopolymer cement. It is a real alternative to Portland cement for use in mortar adhesives.

It is formulated with co-products from other industries to reduce its carbon footprint while increasing its mechanical performance.

Composition of this geopolymer cement adhesive

Activators and superactivators formulated by NU Green are added to flashed clay mixed with silicate to obtain H-P2A cement.

Characteristics of H-P2A cement

This low-carbon cement has a concrete pull-out strength of more than 25 MPa.

The H-P2A cement is presented in the form of a geopolymer solution based on activated clay and silicate in the form of a two-component “paste & liquid” system.

The formula of H-P2A cement makes it possible to obtain a 100% mineral, non-flammable and VOC(volatile organic compound)-free adhesives.