Embodying the paradigm shift

in the construction sector

NU GREEN’s purpose is to act on the climate and the environment in a different way and right now, by designing and producing decarbonated cements 0% clinker. Thanks to our innovative technological solutions, construction players will be able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint with eco-friendly concrete to create the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

The manufacturing process of NU GREEN cements promotes the circular economy by using local resources and co-products from the industry, thus preserving natural resources.

The industrial project that we are carrying out is renewing with a “new generation” entrepreneurial dynamism, integrating the environmental, social and societal impact of its activities, in order to prepare a better and more sustainable future for future generations.

A progressive network of the territory

NU GREEN is Global organization and manufacturing company. With our different application technologies designed to produce decarbonated cements 0% clinkerfor all markets in the construction sector, our ambition is to initiate a real paradigm shift in the construction sector and prepare a better future for future generations.

In this sense, the first stage of our industrial deployment consists of the construction of our 1st production sites, scheduled to come on stream in the second half of end of 2024 (NU1 in Florida) and the second half of 2025 (NU2 site all in Florida). We are building additional manufacturing sites in Europe and Middle East. The above current location fits perfectly into the Company’s strategic plan as it is located close to a rail and river junction and offers a new maritime access that will connect with the storage silos located in different parts of Florida. Built entirely from NU Green clinker-free decarbonated cements, NU2 will be the copy of NU1 but bigger production capacity per year.

This new production unit will be able to target the Florida’s market and surrounding Tri-State much needed market and surrounding states in shortterm future. By 2026 NU GREEN will be the largest Green Cement Manufacturers and developers of other building materials in the United States and Internationally.

A fast-paced industrial history

By 2025, NU GREEN is targeting a 4% market share in Florida and The United States thanks to its three production sites, each offering maritime and/or land access facilitating the reception of raw materials and the shipment of NU GREEN cements.

With this development necessarily comes the question of our impact. Our environmental impact, of course, but above all our societal impact. Being a company with an impact requires a clear perspective on its activity, on its model…

One of our challenges was to show that our cements can replace traditional cement in a large number of applications. We are now bringing this proof with sails, foundations for solar trackers, pre-walls, slabs… 

We are succeeding in this challenge: NU GREEN cements are capable of substituting in all types of operations.